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About mobile poles


Foundation Mobile Poles is an initiative which main aim is to activate the local community in the district of Milicz. We want to promote local and international volunteering (EVS). We wish to support the development of civil society and all activities emancipation, enabling to obtain independence (including financial one) among young artists.

We have been running our activities in the framework of EVS and the Youth in Action (Erasmus + currently) since 2011. We have been coordinating, hosting and sending EVS volunteers.
The local community recognizes our work. The Foundation Mobile Poles and volunteers have intensively and positively enrolled in the area of Valley Barycz.

Here we go with some evidence:

Café languages are permanent way for local residents and volunteers to learn foreign languages (English, Spanish, German or Russian). In return volunteers may learn Polish. Who said that learning must be boring? Instead of teaching in a classroom which remains mostly people of school we meet with learners in café.

It is a good way not to just to learn the language but to get to know the local community. While learning the language culture and tradition become more familiar.
– Games. Who doesn’t like to play? Feel rivalry. Games develop the creativity of children and young people. At least one per month we organize urban games scenario, tournaments, and board games.
– Foundation Mobile Poles involves EVS volunteers in the organizations of local celebrations e.g., national and religious events, which involve the entire community: among others, 8th March, Easter breakfast, 1st and 3rd May and 4th June, Americans Cars Mania Days, Milicz Days, EU Days, the Feast of the Courts of Warsaw Uprising, Carp Day, 1st and 17th September, the Volunteer Day, Santa Claus, Christmas Eve. During those important days for Poles and local community everyone gathers to celebrate them together. Thereby EVS volunteers get a chance to broaden their horizons and to understand Polish society better.

– As a volunteering organizations we do not stop helping and supporting people in need. We participate in local fundraising and charity.

-we set up happenings, performances, intercultural evenings and theater performances.

One of the most important key of EVS is to integrate with the local community. We do it by organizing social events such as kayaking, paintball, cross-training and other informal meetings with the local community.

Most of these activities are performed by volunteers outside their major activities within the hosting organizations, but with their support and encouragement in order to build even stronger relationships with the inhabitants.

The Foundation has been working with Poles who have returned from exile, and immigrants from Ukraine and Russia, who settled in the district of Milicz. Turning such persons in the work of the Foundation is highly important for us, because through their personal experience, a broader perspective and greater sensitivity to the problems of foreigners, often imperceptible to the people who live all the time only in one country.

We also help local youth in the organization of youth exchanges (over 200 people have already participated in the district Milicz in youth exchanges organized by us). We also organize training of soft skills for county residents Milicz, with special emphasis on youth.

Thanks to our activity in the county of Milicz we have hosted nearly 40 EVS (short and long term). Their presence here really affects overcome various stereotypes: ethnic and cultural (e.g. ‘Lazy Italians”,”amorous Spaniards”, “boring Germany”, “dangerous Turks”) ethnic, religious (eg.”Dangerous Islamists”), professional (e.g. issues a comparison of minimum wages for the unemployed, eg. In Spain and Poland), sex (e.g. “the weaker sex” vs. “macho”).

Through the collaboration work of volunteers from Europe, the partner organizations, local youth workers and the foundation, we prove that the cooperation “at the bottom” is the value. Therefore the European Union is not the only a bureaucratic colossus with feet of clay. It is the union which does not only merge the countries. It brings people closer to each other.
We get along with the local governments, public institutions and other NGO-s, in order to improve the quality of the work that we carry out for the local community.
Our cooperation with the Association of Friends of Children and People with Disabilities in Milicz is organized very well.

EVS volunteers have become an integral part of the institution, fully appreciated by permanent employees and people with disabilities. Noticeable is greater trust to new volunteers in the Association. The initial distance and fears turn into outright in the affirmative attitude.