EVS volunteers-stories

Wolontariusze projektów Long-term EVS

Viktoriia Movchan (Ukraine)

I’m 20 years old. I study economics in Odessa, Ukraine, where I also live. I am on the 4th semester and I do everything to be the best student, despite the fact that this year I spend in Milicz, where I work as a volunteer in MSPDiON. After working I learn Russian language in the Local Activity Centre. I am fluent in English. I am an active member of two non-governmental organizations and one of the few representatives of the Ukrainian youth in the European parliament. It is important for me to be involved of public affairs and social activities. My first experience of volunteering was lasting nine months student exchange in the United States. One of the goals of our team was to repair the old lady’s house. We spent a few days working hard, but tears of happiness in the eyes of a woman who returned home, they were one of the best moments in my life. I really like the Barycz Valley. The local ponds and forests are absolutely fascinating.

Fabio Cirello (Italy)

I’ m 30 years old. I live in Bagheria in Italy, in Sicily. I graduated the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature at the University of Palermo, where I studied modern languages too. I am fluent in English, Italian and French. My experience mainly concerns the field of translation and language learning, so I decided to take part in EVS in Milicz. People in Milicz are very friendly and welcoming. Polish winter was the biggest surprise of this year… In my hometown in Sicily I have seen snow only twice in my life. I work with children and youth in the community center House at Pooh Corner; sometimes participate in the lessons of the French language in Milicz’s schools. I help to organize matches and other sporting events at the sports hall.

Gorana Karan (Croatia)

I’m 28 years old. I live in the Croatian town of Pula, located on the Istrian peninsula on the Adriatic Sea. I studied Croatian philology and Comparative Literature at the University of Zagreb in Croatia. I was taught Polish language at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. I also speak English, Spanish and German. I sing and I play the cello, flute and drums. I like to cook and to hike in the mountains. I submitted an application to the EVS in Milicz, because I liked the description of the project. Besides, I have been “crazy” on the Polish point for ages. I noticed that the Poles were just as depressed because of long winter, as arrived to Milicz Spaniard Ana Estela and Italian Fabio Fortunately, spring has come. I work in MSPDiON. This work is new for me. It is very valuable experience. Along with Laura and Estela lead Thursday afternoon classes for children in the cabin Pooh. We teach the basics of the English language combined with the fun and games. MILICZ is very contact and open.

Estela Boente Garcia (Spain)

I’m 25 years old. I live in Ponteareas in Spain. I am a psychologist specializing in children’s education. I studied at the University of Vigo. I like to travel, to meet new people and other cultures. I have learned to play the violin and I have belonged to the orchestra in my hometown for 8 years. As befits Spanish interested in football. Besides native language, I use also Galician, English and Portuguese. I am a responsible person, cheerful and dreamy. I like to work and feel that I am needed. I do several things at once, which sometimes creates a problem. I work in occupational therapy workshops for adults MSPDiON. I like Milicz. The downside of this town, however, is that too early here are closed shops and a shortage of cultural entertainment. MILICZ is very polite and hospitable, but sometimes it can feel them in the distance.

Laura Parsons (United Kingdom, England)

I am 23 years old. I live in Birmingham, England. I studied theater studies at Kingsley College in Red ditch. Grandmother infected me in childhood big love for the theater. At age 18, I started working in the theater with young people, as an assistant, leading Theater Sessions for children. I have traveled a lot too. I have spent several months in Australia, the Netherlands and Italy. As a result, I have learned to be easily adapted to many unforeseen situations. I’ve never lived in a small town such as Milicz. Initially, it was difficult to get used to life here, but every week I feel better in Milicz. Run theater workshops, which are held every Wednesday at 6 p.m. in the Cultural Centre in Milicz. I run a course in English twice a week in the office of the Foundation Mobile Poles.

Denis Pichin (Ukraine)

I’m 25 years old. I am graduated of international economic relations of the Lvov Academy of Commerce. I am a friendly and sociable. Family and friends are most important to me. I am fluent in Russian and Ukrainian languages. I am pretty good at dealing with Polish and English. I went to a Polish school in Lvov, in which all subjects were taught in Polish. I have worked in the gym at one of the schools. Tadeusz Kosciuszko. I have helped people visiting the gym plan workouts and exercises correctly. In the winter I worked on Milicz rink, now Orlik at the school. I like Polish cuisine. I have met new flavors. For the first time I have had the opportunity to taste the dumplings or noodles with strawberry sauce.

Ana Maria Moreno Cordoba (Spain)

I am 31 years. I live in Jaén in southern Spain. My home town has more than 115 thousand. Inhabitant. It is situated in the region of Andalusia. I was born in La Mancha, where Cervantes few centuries earlier settled the most famous Spanish literary hero Don Quixote. I graduated master’s degree related to environmental protection at the University of Granada. I have been interested in dance for ages. Six years I spent getting to know and trained the national Spanish dance – flamenco. I am impressed with the reserve of ponds. The long winter sharpened my expectations for the spring installment of the place and even though I spent here already half a year now happy to get to know the surroundings again. In Milicz I run flamenco course in the LO. I give the Spanish lessons. During the week I work in kindergartens and in the Nursing Home with the elderly. This work gives me a lot of satisfaction. I hope, however, that with the beginning of spring I will have more opportunities to undertake work and learning more related to my education.

Andrea de la Torre Lopez,  (Spain, Toledo)

I’m 22 years old. I graduated degree in social work. I came to Milicz 1st September on an annual volunteering. I run weekly Spanish classes, which take place at the headquarters of the Foundation Mobile Poles, or the Local Activity Centre square Eugene Waresiak 7 in Milicz. I Prepare the presentations and lead workshops for young people on various topics

Alicia Aguirre Gazguez, Almeria (Spain)

I am 23 years old. By education I am a psychologist. My volunteering in Milicz began on 1st September. And will end on 30th August 2015. I work at MSPDiON more specific in the Workshop Occupational Therapy. I am mainly interested in the sport.

Maria Florentina Lopez Rubio, (Almeria, Spain)

I am a 23-year-old native Spaniard. I completed a degree in social work. Every day I deal with disabled children in MSPDiON. It’s a difficult job, but that gives me a lot of satisfaction. In Milicz, where I arrived in September. I will be here until the end of August 2015.

Ozgur Yuksel, Ordu (Turkey)

I am 23. I was previously in Milicz on a short 2-month volunteering. I like being here very much so I decided to come back. I arrived in September, this time for a year. I work at the Foundation Mobile Poles, preparing presentations and workshops. I visit the local schools telling about myself and my home country.

Olga Gladysh, Lviv, (Ukraine)

I am 23. I come from Ukraine. But psychological studies I finished in Wroclaw. I’m fluent in Polish. I have been working at MSPDiON since September I take care of disable children. I am going to be in Milicz till the end of August 2015.

Mariia Sologub, Switłowodsk (Ukraine)

I am a 23-year-old English teacher, which I teach at the headquarters of the Foundation Mobile Poles in Milicz. I have been working here since the beginning of September. I really like to travel and learn about a foreign culture and deepen my knowledge of various countries. I love to learn foreign languages. In addition to English and Ukrainian, I can also communicate in Russian. I also know the basics of German, French and Polish. I came to Milicz in September and I will be here a year.

Volodymir Dolenko, Konotop (Ukraine)

I am an electronics engineer. I am going to stay in Milicz for the year till August 2015. I like to travel, especially visiting Polish charming places I speak Russian I still also deepen their knowledge of the Polish language and I’m doing it better and better.

Jose Manuel Carrasco Gare, Murcja (Spain)

I’m 20 years old. I have been working as a volunteer in the Municipality of Milicz since January 2014. I work in the common House at Pooh Corner. I am responsible for organizing free time for children and youth who income there in their free time. Since the “Milicz Wave” has been open I also have been working on the indoor swimming pool because I am the power lifeguard. Thanks colleagues from the pool who correct my Polish language and knowledge of their culture my language skills have been improving. Here I want to say thank you for doing that.

Vitaliy Andres, Lviv (Ukraine)

I work in Milicz Association of Friends of Children with Disability; I am going to work there until December of this year. In Lviv finished four years of medical university, maybe I will continue the studies in Poland. I want to work as a physical therapist, physiotherapist and medical work what I already do in Milicz. MSPDiON helps me develop these competencies. I got to know many good people, who are also experts in their field and they allow me to participate in a variety of works that are extremely interesting for me from the point of view of my future profession. I would like to thank you if you are here for all the help for everything you gave to me. Thanks to everyone who helped me to develop my professional’s skills, especially to the Chairwoman Ms. Alice Szatkowska.

Ugur Sezer, Erdemli (Turkey)

I come from Turkey, where I worked in the travel industry. In Milicz during the winter time I worked on the ice rink with school students from High School Tadeusz Kosciuszko I also work in the KOM the organization which fields a variety of events, and I am currently working with children in MSPDiON. I am interested in sport, so I organize football matches. I like to travel. The last two weeks I spent on the holidays. I am actively exploring Poland. I have been to Zakopane, Krakow, Poznan and the seaside of Baltic Sea so far.

Stefano Lai, Gavoi (Italy)

I have been working mainly at MSPDiON. I have been in Milicz since January 2014 and I am going to stay until December. I really like children from the Association and I think they like me too. Through volunteering I have been correcting my English language thanks communication with the other volunteers. I have met in Milicz new friends. I am satisfied with my EVS.

Oksana Khomei (Ukraine)

Volunteering in Milicz helps me obviously to improve Polish language, and thanks to the presence here of volunteers from Turkey I remind the Turkish language also, which I learnt half a year while I was studying in Istanbul. I have been helping local people in the process of learning language, organizing regular film and culinary meetings at schools where I touch history and culture of our country to pupils from secondary and high schools Milicz. I have been also working in Milicz library. I am very grateful for the support Poles gave to Ukrainians during the events on the Maidan in Kiev. I hope that Poles who live in Milicz will remember me as a smiling girl. Optimistic person, always willing to work and to help others. In the future, I would like to join Ukraine in the activities of social organizations and cooperate with the Poles, especially with Poles from Milicz who are very cool and open people.

Gulnara Khakimova (Russia)

I’m 22 years old. I come from Russia, I was born in Moscow. I studied at the faculty of economics and management at the University of Moscow. I always wanted to come to Poland to take part in project there. I have been here already, but only during the short projects. I like and I can work with children. I have been the leader of youth projects in Russia. I have the artistic talent and I am interested in art – I like to sing, and I deal with drawing and painting. In Milicz I work with children and youth in the Cultural Centre, together with Ms. Elizabeth Cięzka who conducts art classes for children, and teaches kids the basics of drawing in the cabin Pooh. I also have regular meetings with children in elementary and middle schools in the community, not only in Milicz. I teach Russian language students in schools and extra-curricular activities in the office of the Foundation Mobile Poles.

Ludmila Vitovtowa (Ukraine)

I’m 25 years old. I live in Ukraine, in Lviv, but I’m Russian. I work as a volunteer with disabled children at Association of Friends of Children and People with Disabilities in Milicz. Even the most seriously ill children can express and convey emotions and create a strong bond with their caregivers. That is why working with them will give you great joy and satisfaction. One feels that genuinely helps the other person, and he/she revenge his/her sincere, childlike love and gratitude. It is going to be very difficult for me to split with the children with whom I work in Milicz. I would definitely want in the future to also work with children, because despite the fact that this work can be emotionally and physically very tired, the ultimate prize in the form of a smile and a hug of a child is worth all the sacrifices. They treated me or my colleagues in the Association very well. Even more made friends with some of them. Thank you!

Linda Forrest (Scotland)

Volunteer projects allow for plenty of creativity and self-reliance. In addition to standard measures in Milicz realize my own project “Hundred Acre Wood” – is an ecological garden, located in the common room at City Park House at Pooh Corner. In a place where previously there was an empty space between the outdoor gyms of Tadeusz Hryciuk and a playground for children. We have created a garden where together with the youngest residents of Milicz. Every day we plant, dig water and weed. The most important in our garden are not the plants, but relationships. By working together we learn to communicate effectively, to share responsibilities, to take responsibility, to take care of a fragment of public space. We learn to be good citizens.

Maria Linares (Spain)

I also work with children in the Garden “Hundred Acre Wood”, lead and other activities with children there and in the local schools. I teach Spanish, and I help in the development of graphic promotional material foundation. During my volunteering my parents they visited me, they like Milicz a lot. Surely Milicz forever is going to remain the place where I used to life. I am sure I will often come back with my memories.

Francisco Fioti (France)

Every day I work at Association’s Friends of Children and People with Disabilities in Milicz and I hope to do my job the best. I try to give myself as much as possible for these children, because I was also a born disabled – have disfigured leg, but I can run faster and longer than many completely healthy. My passion besides working is making movies and meeting new people. In the days off I travel across Poland and hitchhiking everywhere I can. Then people become my friends. In Milicz I also have many friends and I feel like home here. During this year I have learned a lot about Poland and Poles, and when I return to Paris I will remember all of you. I know that sometimes you wonder, when I say “Good morning” and you do not know me, but here is how it works – when I pass someone on the street, then greet him, to let him know that I wish him all the best.

Sara Carasco (Spain)

I graduated psychology and in the future I want to work as a psychologist, so I want to work in advance with children and adults in the Association of Children and People with Disabilities. Thanks of several months staying abroad, living in a different culture, with people from other countries, in different temperature (where I live there is no snow) I have learned a lot about myself, I know how to react to different situations, how to resolve conflicts, to achieve my goals while helping others achieve their own.

Krisztina Mészáros, 26 lat, Budapeszt (Hungary)

I studied at the direction of human resources. My hobbies are: running, getting to know other cultures, healthy eating, dancing, and yoga. In addition to the mother tongue and I also speak English. I work in the Primary School No. 2 in Milicz, helping teachers in conducting English lessons. During classes at the swimming pool and organizing classes at school common room. I will also lead a yoga class at the fitness room at Milicka Wave. The Milicz is relatively cold, and besides, it’s nice and quiet place. I have got 6-year-old female Morzala, with whom I came here. She likes being here a lot. Together with other volunteers we create a really interesting band. I am very happy that I can be here.

Elena Fernández González, 26 lat, Cartagena (Spain)

I am a teacher of early childhood education. I like to read and get to know new people and new places. I love to walk around the city, around the joints and see things I have not seen before. In my spare time I like to also go out for a coffee and to have some fun with my friends. I can speak Italian and English. I work as a volunteer in MSPDiON. Milicz looks very friendly. Forests or buildings are quite different from those that I know from Spain. I’ve been here for three weeks and I feel good.

Esra Capraz (Turkey)

I’m 25 years old. I live in Istanbul, where I graduated in the field of cultural anthropology. I was active also in Turkey in voluntary work in various non-governmental organizations, including helping in Syrian refugee protections camps in Turkey prior to the war in their country. In Milicz I work in a KOM, with children that there are taught and come to the thematic classes. I help also in working with disabled children in MSPDiON and I really enjoy this work. I love music, so during the summer I want to go on two major Polish festivals – Opener and Woodstock. I cannot wait to go there.

Jasmin Robmann, Zürich (Swiss)

I am 21 years; I am Swiss, last year during the holidays I spent a few weeks in Poland, working as a volunteer in the Monar. After this experience, I decided to take part in a longer project and therefore I have come to EVS to Milicz. I think that meeting and working together with people of other countries and cultures is needed and allow us to learn from each other. I’m learning the Polish language intensively; I try to travel in my spare time in Poland. I work in a nursing home in Milicz, so-called. Kombatanta home. I was there very well received by all and I have a good relationship both with employees and with boarders, some of them are able to speak German and my presence there is an additional attraction for them. Milicz and surroundings are very beautiful nature: ideal for cycling, that is why I ride the bike for recreational a lot. I also like to swim at the indoor swimming pool “Milicka Wave”.

Carmen Hernandez Garrido, 21 lat, Almeria (Spain)

I study social work. I like to dance, walk and read a good book. I spend my free time frequently outside the home, in the company of friends. In addition to the Spanish language I can communicate in English well. I work at MSPDiON. Milicz is a small town, but wonderful and very peaceful. I have met different people here and I have learnt about their culture and traditions. I am pretty sure that after 1 year being here in my heart will stay just the fond memories.

Andre Granja Costa, 22 lata, Vila do Conde (Portugal)

I am a mechanical engineer. My hobbies are soccer, jogging, literature. I like to meet new people. In addition to the Portuguese I also speak Spanish, English and French. I am a volunteer at MSPDiON. Upon arrival I was surprised by Milicz’s plenty of greenery, which makes the impression of a very friendly place to live. Also, the owner of the apartment which is rented for us in Milicz is very friendly, kind, open and willing to help.

Bojan Masevski, 23 lata, Skopje (Macedonia)

I graduated master’s degree at the Institute of Development, Peace and Security at the University of Cyril and Methodius in Skopje. My hobbies are playing football, swimming, writing stories, jogging. Languages which I speak are Macedonian- native English, Croatian, and Serbian. I work in High School, in Milicz Orlik and in the library. What’s more I organize activities for young people. I came to Milicz at night. Coming through the forest I saw a lot of deer and doe running path, which made a huge impression on me. I felt like being in a magical forest.

Luis Oscar Ramos, 27 lat, Toledo (Spain)

By profession I am a journalist. My hobbies are basketball, rugby. I like to actively spend my leisure time. I speak several languages. Besides Spanish, which is my mother tongue I speak Catalan, French and English. Throughout the year, staying in Milicz I work at the community center House at Pooh Corner, leading sports and language lessons with children. I am the player of Polish rugby league in one of the club in Wroclaw. One of my main goals is to encourage youngsters to participate all sport activities. After arriving, I was surprised by changeable Polish weather. When the sun shines is warm, then in the evenings and at night so much colder. A lot of people ride bicycles here, which is I haven’t seen in Spain. Milicz, which is very small I treat as a new place, a new street to discover.

Alvaro Fernandez, 28 lat, Malaga (Spain)

I studied administration and finance. My hobbies are: traveling, cinema and learning about different cultures. I speak Spanish and English. Previously, I worked in banking, but I also have experience in working with children. I hope working in Milicz will help me to develop skills related with teaching I am a volunteer at MSPDiON. I perceive Milicz as a rural town, with lots of trees, forests and typical rural houses. Everything here is so close. Most people are very nice and open, but it is difficult to talk to them because of the language barrier… It is not easy to find people who can communicate in English, so I need as soon as possible to learn Polish.

Luka Borsic, 25 lat, Lonjica (Croatia)

I am a mechanical engineer in the field of shipbuilding. Hobbies: computer science, sport, music. Languages: Croatian and English. I work at MSPDiON. After 24 hours lasting weary journey I finally for the first time came to Milicz. I was confident that this is going to be another small, boring town. However, within a few minutes I was caught up in its magic and completely enchanted monuments. Milicz has a magnificent panorama. In addition to the ubiquitous concrete here is a lot of greenery and parks. It is not as expensive as initially expected. Food for 2 people in the restaurant costs less than 30 euros. In a similar restaurant in Croatia I would pay much more. I have found that in Milicz no one is anonymous, which is not entirely a good thing. Everyone is interested in who you are, what you do and why you do it.

Serkan Eksi (Turkey)

I’m 25 years old. As a child I lived in Cyprus, because my dad is a military in the Turkish army. Later still we have lived in many places in Turkey, due to the nature of the work of my father. I finished studies in Ankara, capital of Turkey. I was always interested in languages, so I chose the faculty of Russian language and literature. Russian is useful for me, of course, in Poland, but I have learned a lot of Polish words. I speak English of course. In Milicz I was in 2013 for short-term EVS and I liked it here so that two years later I decided to apply for the voluntary long-term – and here I am on the second project. Previously, I worked mainly in Kom, currently I am working with autistic children at MSPDiON.

Hamit Samsa (Turkey)

I come from Mardin, a small town close to the Syrian border. There, I studied and worked in an organization that helps children in Syrian refugee camps. Two years earlier, the organization organized exchange under the Erasmus program, and then I met people from the Foundation Mobile Poles still in Turkey. I decided that I would like to be a volunteer of this Foundation in Milicz. And I made my plan come true. I work at KOM, where teach children to juggle, help in training taekwondo organized in Kom and in various workshops and lessons. I like to swim at the Milicz pool and ride a bike. I like Poland and Milicz, although the winter was very cold.

Pochodzę z Mardin, małego miasteczka blisko syryjskiej granicy. Tam studiowałem i pracowałem w organizacji pomagającej dzieciom syryjskim w obozach dla uchodźców. Dwa lata wcześniej ta organizacja organizowała wymianę w ramach programu Erasmus i wtedy poznałem osoby z Fundacji Mobilni Polacy, jeszcze w Turcji. Postanowiłem, że przyjadę do Polski na wolontariat do tej Fundacji i zrealizowałem swój plan. Pracuję w KOM, uczę dzieci żonglować, pomagam w treningach teakwondo organizowanych w KOMie, oraz w różnych pracach w trakcie warsztatów i lekcji. Lubię pływać na milickim basenie i jeździć na rowerze. Podoba mi się w Polsce i w Miliczu, chociaż zimą było bardzo zimno.

Maria Dimarco, 24 lata, Włochy

Do Milicza przyjechałam z Włoch – dokładnie z Sycylii. Zdecydowałam się wybrać projekt w Polsce, ponieważ chciałam doświadczyć czegoś nowego. W internecie znalazłam informację oraz zdjęcia z Milicza i bardzo spodobały mi się widoki oraz wzmianki o możliwości zobaczenia wielu gatunków ptaków. Na co dzień pracuję w Chatce Puchatka.

Idaira Dorta Perez, 27 lat, Hiszpania

Pochodzę z Gran Canarii, ale od 8 lat mieszkam w Granadzie. Studiowałam politologię oraz prawa człowieka na Uniwersytecie w Granadzie. Wybrałam projekt w Polsce, ponieważ interesują mnie państwa wshodnie, jest to dla mnie bardzo cenne doświadczenie. Na co dzień pracuję w I Liceum Ogólnokształcącym imienia Armii Krajowej w Miliczu – podoba mi się doświadczenie w pracy jako nauczycielka języka angielskiego.
Uważam, że Milicz jest pięknym, spokojnym miastem. Bardzo lubię ludzi, którzy mieszkają w Miliczu, szczególnie moich uczniów.

Alena Zayats, 29 lat, Białoruś

Na co dzień pracuję w Fundacji KOM. Zdecydowałam się na projekt w Polsce, ponieważ uważam, że pomoże mi to rozwinąć moje umiejętnosci. Uważam, że EVS da mi możliwość rozwoju w sferze społecznej, chcę poznawać nowych ludzi, odwiedzać nowe miejsca i zdobywać doświadczenie.

Hristina Grozdanova, 22 lata, Macedonia

Pochodzę z małej wioski w Macedonii. Zdecydowałam się przyjechać do Polski na roczny projekt, ponieważ uważam, że pozwoli mi to rozwinąć moje umiejętnosci. Na co dzień pracuje w Zespole Szkół im. Taduesza Kościuszki w Miliczu.

Vladimir Vinetskii, 27 lat, Rosja

Ukończyłem pedagogikę na uniwersytecie w Petrozavodsk. Zdecydowałem się przyjechać do Polski, ponieważ interesuję się polską kulturą oraz chciałem nauczyć się języka polskiego. Na co dzień pracuję w Ośrodku Kultury oraz Bibliotece Publicznej. W Miliczu podoba mi się to, że jest to małe miasteczko dzięki czemu panuje tu miła atmosfera. Ponadto szybko można nauczyć się języka polskiego, ponieważ nie wszyscy mówią w języku angielskim.

Zeynep Erkek, 26 lat, Turcja

Pochodzę z Adany – jest to piąte pod względem liczebności miasto w Turcji. Ukończyłam ekonometrię na Uniwersytecie w Istambule. W Turcji wielokrotnie brałam udział w projektach wolontariackich, szczególnie tych związanych z dziećmi. Jestem bardzo szczęśliwa, gdy mogę pracować z dziećmi, pomagać im i uczyć czegoś nowego. Na co dzień pracuję w Milickim Stowarzyszeniu Przyjaciół Dzieci i Osób Niepełnosprawnych.
Bardzo podoba mi się w Miliczu, jest tu tak spokojnie. Ludzie, którzy tu mieszkają są bardzo mili i otwarci na obcokrajowców, dzięki temu czuję się w Miliczu bezpiecznie.

Mehmet Akif Demirbas, Turcja

Studiowałem germanistykę na uniwersytecie w Kayseri. W trakcie mojej edukacji brałem czynny udział w różnych akcjach charytatywnych, dlatego po ukończeniu zdecydowałem się wyjechać na wolontariat, aby jeszcze bardziej móc zaangażować się w bezinteresowną pomóc innym.

Filiz Gulez, 28 lat, Turcja

Po przyjeździe do Milicza jestem mile zaskoczona pięknymi krajobrazami. Myślę, że spędzenie roku w tym miejscu jest jedną z lepszych możliwości jakie daje nam – wolontariuszom Fundacja Mobilni Polacy. Uważam, że nie pracujemy bardzo dużo, dlatego w pełni możemy skupić się i przelać energie na te zajęcia. Cieszy mnie to, że poza pracą mogę robić wiele dodatkowych rzeczy: podróżować, jeździć na rowerze czy organizować dodatkowe akcje wolontariackie.

Oznur Konuk, 28 lat, Turcja

Z zawodu jestem biologiem. Bardzo cieszę się, że mogłam przyjechać do Polski, jest to dla mnie nowe, cenne doświadczenie. Kocham pracować z dziećmi, dlatego w trakcie trwania mojego projektu pracuję w Milickim Stowarzyszeniu Przyjaciół Dzieci i Osób Niepełnosprawnych.
Milicz jest małym miastem, ale uważam, że mogę się tu rozwijać. Ponadto jest tu bardzo spokojnie.

Fernando Tomas Lizan, 19 lat, Hiszpania

Volunteers projects Short-term EVS

Meltem Demet Diribas, Ankara (Turkey)

I am 28-year-old citizen of Turkey. I came to Milicz for two-month lasting volunteering. I hope that during this short time I can get to know closer the Polish culture, which seems to me very interesting. I am curious about all customs and tradition. I am learning Polish, along with other volunteers and correcting my English skills.

Emel Aydin, Antalya (Turkey)

I’m 29 years old. I have a master’s degree in biology. I arrived to Milicz on September 15th and will be here until November 15th. I work in a KOM and I really like it there.

Cagla Yagmur Tunccan

Hilal Ketenci

Cansu Goncu

Cagan Arslan

Kubra Akadir