FMP Team

Osoby tworzące fundację

People forming the foundation

The strength and potential of our foundation is the people who have founded it and who cooperate with it. Among those who cooperate with the foundation are coordinators and former participants of the EVS.

In the team we also have psychologists and educators. There are people who every day write and implement the conclusions of the EU.

We all have experience of working with young people, some of us for many years, have been teachers and organizers or leaders of youth exchanges, custodians scout camps and other forms of recreation organized for young people and children.

We have been involved in the local life of the local community through membership in other associations and organizations for ages.

We try to gather around our Foundation people who are creative, open, and curious about the world. They often are students of Wroclaw universities, students of local schools, but also professionally active in local institutions. We have got support from seniors who feature plenty of time and experience, which they don’t want to waste by sitting idle at home.

Zbigniew Drzewiecki – is the coordinator of EVS, president of the Foundation Mobile Poles. He graduated journalism and post graduate studies “Management of NGOs”. So far, he coordinated has 7 projects EVS and has organized 7 Youth Exchange. In the past, he participated in EVS projects in each of the roles – as an EVS volunteer in Macedonia, as a mentor and as an employee of the host organization. He has been actively working to build local and regional partnerships between the third sector organizations and the Local Government Units for many years.

Agata Kopańska –active mentor of volunteers and co-organizer of many events that within the framework of the foundation is realized in the course of on-going projects EVS. She graduated History with English at University of Wroclaw. Currently, she is working as an English teacher. Previously an EVS-year volunteer in a project “Volunteering makes a difference in the host organization SOS children’s Village” in Lithuania. She has participated in many training sessions to develop her coaching and mentoring skills e.g..: “SOHO Supporting EVS”, “Mentor Plus- Improving Mentorship in EVS”, “EVS-a bridge to employability”, “Connector- the learning experience”. She deeply understands and actively supports the development activation of small rural communities by being in touch with the small branches of the municipal library which are way from Milicz.

Margaret Biernacka – is a psychologist and employee of hosting organization in the described project – Association of Friends of Children and Persons with Disabilities in Milicz. She has been involved in EVS projects implemented in the district Milicz for 3 years. She has participated in courses organized by mentoring and training NA Salto. She has been coordinating the work of volunteers in the host organization. She has made training for volunteers in the field of soft skills useful during the EVS and from the point of view of life, self-development of each young person (coping with stress, non-verbal communication, team-building, etc.).

Adriana Całujek – is a psychologist, an animator and creator of innovative activities for children and youth. She is a coordinator of EVS in our new partner (since 2015 with the official NA accreditation to host EVS) – Foundation Creative Multi-function object. Ada’s huge involvement in the district Milicz goes far beyond serving as coordinator of the current volunteering opportunities in one of the host organizations. In previous EVS projects mainstream in the overall work of the coordinating organization and thus have the knowledge and the competence to ensure the success of subsequent projects implemented by us. In April 2015 she took part in the training organized for the EVS organization organized by the National Agency for further deepening their knowledge of the subject of European voluntary service.

Jan Bembnowicz – is a senior, retired, active member of many organizations, including Society of Friends of Lviv and the University of the Third Age. He has worked in many industries and institutions, lived for many years in New York. He enjoys the opportunity to speak with our volunteers in English a lot.

Slawomir Obrzut – is one of the employees of host organization – Municipality of Milicz. He is a mathematics and physics teacher, but also teacher of the practices of informal learning, educator of youth and children in the community center, participating in EVS projects in the Municipality of Milicz.

Michał Szymkowiak – has been an employee of foundation for two years. He graduated high school in Milicz. Currently is a student in at the University of Wroclaw. He has been actively participating in all EVS activities. He had a huge impact of creating the previous projects thus acquired extensive experience working with volunteers.  His young age helps him to contact and agreement with younger participants in the projects. He takes care of the financial settlement of FMP. What is more he is an open-minded person, creative and warm-hearted so our volunteers know that they can always count on him.

Ozgur Yuksel – is a mentor and a former EVS volunteer of the Foundation Mobile Poles. He is from Turkey. He has fallen in love in a Polish girl. They got married and started a family. He is an invaluable support for all volunteers, of course, with particular emphasis on Turkish.

Julius Pasieka – is an EVS mentor and a friend FMP. He is an avid traveler and sportsman. He is a Marathoner Member of the sports clubs and tourists. He has been actively practicing canoeing, rides on roller skates, and mountain biking. He loves hiking in Poland and Europe. He often invites volunteers for joint expeditions.

Daria Jaśków – is an extramural student of public administration in Wroclaw. She graduated the High School in Milicz.  Every day Daria helps volunteers and she is a co-editor of our websites in social-media. Thanks her young age and good attitude Daria has a good contact with volunteers so they do not feel abounded in Milicz.