Gmina Milicz


As a local government municipality Milicz has got great opportunities, support and more attractive course of international volunteering, held in the subordinate its institutions

– a) schools and sports facilities (swimming pool and sports halls),

b) the community center House at Pooh Corner, and

c) Culture Centre and the library.

Volunteers, depending on their abilities realize their EVS in one of our partner which is Municipality of Milicz, which is hosting organization too.

We minimize volunteer’s risk of being lost in the jungle of different institutions in which the course of its EVS could become less transparent, both for himself and for organizations- host and coordinating.


EVS activities are currently carried out by two volunteers: one in the community center “House at Pooh Corner” and the surrounding complex of sports fields, outdoor gym and a city park a second person in the Primary School No. 2, numbering more than 1,000 students, and przyległyh objects.


Municipality Milicz works actively to support non-governmental organizations in its territory, we understand the important role of the so-called. the third sector in building civil society and the cohesion of the local community. We see many areas of activities, such as volunteer coordination, such as local and international non-governmental organizations which work better than formal offices and institutions.

That is why we are trying to create conditions for active and interesting work of volunteers in our area, knowing that its effects will come back to us in a very tangible effects of social change – even as the activation of social groups at risk of exclusion, the widening of cultural horizons and linguistic competence students.

Projects EVSy support and implement the hosting organization since 2011, and we have no doubt as to their usefulness and effectiveness, especially in such small towns as Milicz and particularly in the international situation as it is now. Very useful for the presence of this group of foreigners, whose activity, optimism and desire to help, are the perfect counterargument against all those who try to spread your password xenophobic and anti-European, in the district with high unemployment, which is the district Milicki, unfortunately, falling often on fertile ground.

We try to keep our full-time animators, teachers and educators took over at least in part, the style of operation of non-governmental organizations, and going beyond the rigid framework of working hours. 8 to 15. This goes to increasingly just in the municipalities where volunteers have been involved in activities for a long time – in the Cultural Centre, Primary School and the indoor swimming pool, the Library of the city, and in the community center House at Pooh Corner. Therefore, the continuation of cooperation with the NGO Foundation for Mobile Poles and EVS volunteers, not least because of the exchange of good practice is for all of us benefit – volunteers and employees of NGOs learn many effective methods of work of the employees of our budget units, even how to communicate with parents, difficult youth , seniors and other groups of recipients of municipal services, cultural and educational institutions, how to organize a job, or how to find the balance between actions and their planning and evaluating their effects.

Municipality Milicz is a partner of the Foundation Mobile Poles and organizations host EVS since 2011. The municipality supports all efforts to broaden awareness of the European and the development of civil society. So far, he served as the host organization for 8 EVS volunteers, participating in 6 projects of long-term European Voluntary Service.

Actions taken under the previous projects is primarily to enable international volunteers in the daily life of schools and other public institutions working with youth libraries, community centers, Cultural Centre, sports clubs. Preparation activities for youth workers center, art classes theater, photography, music studio, learning the language.

Volunteers hosted by the municipality Milicz support carers of children and young people realize their copyright ideas to share their knowledge and culture of young people in Milicz, conduct informal education classes with elements of sports, artistic, language learning.

Municipality Milicz received in 2015 another accredited to host volunteers for the year 2018 and now guests 2 volunteers, Hungary and Spain, who work in the community center House at Pooh Corner and in the Primary School No. 2 and the indoor swimming pool.

         Volunteers in the regular feedbackach expressed satisfaction with the quality of work, forms of education and new experiences we gain in our institutions, the “recipients” of their actions – youth and children, and colleagues very positive comment on the progress of the project and the involvement of volunteers.

Through art (music and theater) and informal education (on the fields, playgrounds, gyms, but also in the classroom during the lessons of history, English and hours. Education) undertaken by wolontariusy EVS change the attitudes of young people and the entire community to the east neighbors and other “foreign” – with a dismissive-hostile to accepting. We are able to build bridges and newly fascinated by the Polish language and culture of the countries and people who have no fault of their own are still outside the “free world.”

         We attach great importance as the host organization to personalize the contacts between the volunteer and the employees of our institutions, which directly volunteering takes place.