Milickie Stowarzyszenie Przyjaciół Dzieci i Osób Niepełnosprawnych

The Milicz Association of Friends of Children and People with Disabilities is a public benefit organization which is well knownnationwide. It constantly expands its rehabilitation and revalidation mission. The Association serves over 1000 handicappedfrom Milicz and neighboring, and even reaches across the voivodeship border. Its staff of over 160 employees includes highlyskilled disability and rehabilitation therapists.

            Twenty years of work helped to modify the public perception of the handicapped. Nobody points fingers at a wheelchair on thestreet anymore. City streets and businesses allow more handicap access. The unpleasant and boring, even painful experienceof therapy, has become more bearable. Even the Association’s philosophy has changed over these years. Due to this paradigmshift the goal has been redefined. A therapy does not end with a specialist’s treatment in a closed room but its mission hasbecome to help a disabled person live a worthy and happy life.

The Association runs the following facilities, in particular:

1.Day Center for Rehabilitation and Education,

2.Private Health Care3.Center for Early Intervention,

4.Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic,

5.Speech Therapy,

6.Occupational Therapy Workshop,

7.County Support Center

In twenty years the Association has grown from a humble initiative helping a small group of needy to a great organization reaching beyond local boundaries. Several facilities now employ highly qualified staff of instructors, educators, physicians,psychologists, speech therapists, physiotherapists, hippo therapists, dog therapists, music therapies, nurses. The employeesand volunteers participate in various forms of training and skill improvement endeavours. New attractive and more efficientforms of therapy are constantly introduced. The efficiency is enhanced by adding modern therapeutic equipment. The growthof the prestige and scope of the Association has helped to widen the number of beneficiaries.