Powiat Milicki


We have many positive experiences of cooperation with NGOs and the work of Polish volunteers in our county. Therefore,we decided to apply for a status of the host organization that in cooperation with the coordinating organization of our countyto create a good climate and institutional framework for hosting international volunteers. We are in the process of buildingpartnerships with our eastern and western neighbours, we believe that inclusion in this international process EVS volunteerscan benefit both us and our volunteers. Another reason why we stay EVS volunteers in our district as beneficial, is thedevelopment of tourism infrastructure. In recent years we have built many miles of bicycle trails, hiking and horse, we finish theconstruction of an artificial body of water, we also organize tourist events. Here also there are places where volunteers coulddeveloping themselves, and also enrich our community. We have a group of young,committed employees, who know foreignlanguages and are far from a negative stereotype of the office worker. Their contact with the volunteers will give much joy andpositive energy, becoming an example of good practice to enable EVS volunteers in the activities of local governments.