Mobile Poles Foundation is an independent, non-political, non-governmental non-profit organization, which operates in Lower Silesia and Poland as well as participating in international initiatives.


It was officially registered in 2010 in the town of Milicz which is located in the beautiful Barycz Valley, 55 km from Wroclaw . The Foundation is currently conducting work in four areas:


  1. Exchanges for young people and international voluntary service.
  2. Cooperation with the Poles living abroad and with Poles returning to Poland.
  3.  Improving social participation of people uninterested in politics and guiding those, who are involved politically.
  4. Supporting and organizing initiatives associated with artistic, photography and film.


Fundacja Mobilni Polacy is an non-governmental organization, which have emerged with the aim of activation of the local community in Milicz district, supporting inclusion of disadvantaged local groups,  promoting volunteerism on the local and international level (EVS), creating the idea of United Europe and struggling with xenophobia and other prejudices still visible in our local community.

Our actions under EVS projects and Youth in Action Program are held since 2011. We also coordinate, host and send EVS volunteers. We realize youth exchanges and trainings of soft skills for young people. Thanks to our work, district of Milicz hosted many EVS volunteers. Their presence here has a real impact on breaking down different stereotypes, on making local youngsters more active and on supporting inclusion of local disadvantaged groups.


Our staff with the help of EVS volunteers are offering to local youngsters participation in different local and international activities to support their personal and professional development, inclusion, active citizenship, social engagement and  etc., We also support them  in organizing small scale initiatives related to the film making, photography, etc.


We try to focus our activity – through common work of volunteers from Europe and partner countries and local youths prove, that cooperation “down there” is a value without which European Union will be only bureaucratic colossus with feet of clay. We cooperate with local autonomies and other NGOs in order to increase the quality of activities which we carry for the local community.


Fundacja Mobilni Polacy, since 2011 works with international volunteers under Youth in Action/Erasmus+ Program and with local volunteers in Milicz district. Through years we created the connection of trust with the local community and our local volunteers.

For the project, the atmosphere and connection we generated can be useful during events which are planned to be held.

Besides this, our education activities consists of providing non-formal education opportunities for young people and trying always to involve others that have never participated before, so as to support inclusion of such groups who are excluded because of different reasons (cultural, ethical, religious, and other reasons). This way we help them  to develop their transversal competences (life skills) by using non-formal learning tools. In our mobility projects youngsters can experience themselves in a perfect environment to socialize with other people from different countries and get to know different cultures and traditions.

With our big experience of using non-formal education methods, working with socially excluded groups, hosting and sending international EVS volunteers and etc. we could help better implement the project.

Współfinansowany w ramach programu Unii Europejskiej Erasmus+