Here you will find all the videos of our foundation. There are 4 kinds of them:

1. The series “EVS from A to Z” – vlog is a compendium of knowledge about the EVS projects. It is useful to everyone who considers to get trucking to the EVS or has been already involved in the Erasmus plus programme. Every episode have subtitles in english.

2. Materials which had been recorded by our volunteers or employees of the foundation during the events in which we participate or organize them.

3. Vlog “The Day of Foundation Mobile Poles” – there you can find comments about the current activities of the Foundation and the hosting organisations of EVS volunteers in our projects. Our goal is to show you how does EVS look like inside out. What is going on during the projects. How are we doing, how are we feeling. You can also have a look how everything is being changed during the long term EVS

4. Materials created by others about us.

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